Thanksgiving with Acala Farms

flavored_cottonseed_oilsThe Holiday season is upon us, accompanied by rich, flavorful dishes we’ve grown to love and look forward to all year long. From grandma’s green bean casserole to dad’s secret gravy recipe, many of our all-time favorite recipes come from these yearly gatherings and are passed down from generation to generation.

At Acala Farms, we love updating the delicious classics that grace your holiday gatherings with healthy, unexpected flavor that will become the new classic shared for years to come. Our family of eleven unique, vibrant flavor-infused cottonseed oils provides culinary options as interesting as the faces around your holiday table. This Thanksgiving, pick your favorite and brush it all under and on top of the turkey’s skin, ensuring a succulent, moist main course with a perfectly crispy exterior. We’re partial to Jalapeno-Lime, but any flavor will and a generous portion of intense flavor to your bird.

Cube sweet potatoes and toss in a mixture of Acala Farms Toasted Cumin or Chili Cumin oil and pure maple syrup before roasting, for an equally sweet, spicy and savory side dish. If sweet potatoes aren’t your speed, roast carrots with Acala Farms Fried Shallot Oil before pureeing as a fantastic alternative to the usual potato side.

Garlic mashed potatoes come alive with smooth, rich flavor by drizzling in small amounts (to taste) of Acala Farms Fresh Roasted Garlic Oil (substitute for butter or use in addition to it). For a new take on the old standby, butternut squash and andouille sausage baked in Acala Farms Curry Spice Oil and mixed with blue cheese is easy gourmet goodness.

Finally … dessert. Pure Cottonseed Oil is an ideal alternative to butter or other less-healthy vegetable oils in most any cake recipe, but we’re partial to this sweet potato pound cake or this carrot cake for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Whatever your plans this Thanksgiving, we hope you will take the time to slow down, be grateful for the people and the food at your table, the many blessings in your life and the chance to celebrate freely. We are grateful for your continued interest and support.

As always, Drizzle, Sizzle, Sample & Eat.