Official Seasoning Oil Of ManGrate Cast Iron Grill Grates

It’s Grilling Season: Gourmet cottonseed oil’s superior performance outpaces all other oils for seasoning cast iron

BARNEVELD, Wis.  [March 18, 2016] – The superior culinary performance of Acala Farms PURE Gourmet Cottonseed Oil was the deciding factor in its recent selection as the Official Seasoning Oil of ManGrate Cast Iron Grill Grates, confirmed Sarah Botham, president of Acala Farms. ManGrate, the Manassas, Virgina-based manufacturer of cast iron grill grate inserts for outdoor grilling, researched and tested a broad variety of oils before selecting Acala Farms PURE Gourmet Cottonseed Oil as its preferred seasoning oil, confirmed Tiffany Thompson, ManGrate operations manager.

Long a staple in America’s kitchens, cottonseed oil’s popularity waned for several decades beginning in the 1970s but has resurfaced as the cooking oil of choice through Acala Farms’ new generation of healthy, pesticide-free PURE and flavor-infused gourmet cooking, frying and flavoring oils, Botham said. Brushed or sprayed on to the cast iron ManGrates and heated to 500℉  for 15 minutes, Acala Farms’ PURE Cottonseed Oil “ensures well-seasoned and perfectly performing grill grates,” Thompson explained. Additionally, unlike many other high-heat oils Acala Farms PURE Cottonseed Oil is flavor-neutral, thus leaving no residual flavor or smell while cooking with the cast iron grates, she added.

Determined to bring the steakhouse experience to the backyard grill, ManGrate developed the American-made cast iron grill grates with a patented grease gutter system that reduces flare-ups, Botham said, so that foods are less likely to overcook or char. “It is truly the best at-home grilling experience possible and Acala Farms is pleased and proud to be associated with such a stellar product.”

Unlike other cooking surfaces, cast iron requires a little extra care to ensure long-term use and reliability. Since ManGrates are uncoated–with porcelain for example– they must be properly seasoned with cooking oil before use. But not all cooking oils are well-suited for the seasoning process, Botham said. “At the high temperature recommended for seasoning cast iron, most cooking oils have far exceeded their smoke point and begin to burn off, break down and turn rancid. Acala Farms PURE Cottonseed Oil meets the high smoke point requirements needed for seasoning cast iron, and is a pesticide-free, flavor-neutral and healthy oil option.”

“We have entered into this partnership with ManGrate for the long term because we appreciate and understand that great food begins with superior ingredients and superior tools,” Botham said. “ManGrate aligns perfectly with our thinking on that, is  American-made and a company of extraordinary integrity.”



Founded in 2012 by Peter & Sarah Botham, Acala Farms is America’s exclusive producer of gourmet pure- and flavor-infused cottonseed cooking oils. The oils are certified pesticide-free,  contain no cholesterol or trans fat and support Vegan, Kosher and Gluten-free culinary choices. Headquartered in Barneveld, Wisconsin, Acala Farms is one of the Botham Brands family of companies. More information can be found at


Designed and manufactured in America, ManGrate is the superior-performing cast iron grill grate made specifically for home grilling. Its patented design ensures even heating and fewer flare-ups. The privately held company boasts a worldwide customer base of nearly 40,000 and is headquartered in Manassas, Virginia. More information can be found at