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Archives - January 2014

A New Generation of Cottonseed Oil

As we wrap up our time at the 2014 Winter Fancy Food Show┬áin lovely, sunny San Francisco, we are encouraged by the deep interest in…

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The Cooking Actress Loves Cottonseed Oil

We met the Cooking Actress at the New York Fancy Food Show in June 2013. She explored, she experimented. She drizzled, she sizzled, she sampled,…

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Cottonseed oil: New and improved, pesticide-free, heart-healthy and so much more.

Cottonseed oil has a long history in America’s kitchens, from its earliest use as the original Wesson Oil and later in Crisco (which is actually…

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San Francisco Here We Come

Acala Farms will debut its line of heart-healthy flavor infused-cottonseed oils at…

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Acala Farms Cottonseed Oils are only the beginning ….

Research continues at New Mexico State University and at several other locations around the country on the use of cottonseed for everything from food for…

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